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Fish Processor

Fish Processor

Career Advice on How to Become A Fish Processor

Everything is a matter of perspective.  For those working in the fish industry, a fish processor helps move fish from point A to point B.  For the fish, the fish processor is the grim reaper himself, a harbinger of doom and the face of death itself.  Yes, as a fish processor you are likely to find yourself on fishing vessel assisting in the “processing” of thousands of fish.  Oh well, it’s a living.

Career Facts:

Not all jobs in the fish processing industry are found on boats.  There are many jobs working in fish processing plants.  After all, someone has to get those fish into the can.  Despite all of the ads you’ve seen with smiling fish jumping into the can excited to become your next meal, well that just doesn’t happen in reality.  

While commercial fishing occurs all around the world and all around the coast of the United States, a great deal of fishing takes place in Alaska. So if you go into this field, you may indeed need to start your job search up in Palin territory.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Average:

The number of people working in the industry is expected to grow by about eight percent between now and 2016.

Job Outlook is OK

A Day in The Life:

To put it simply, being a fish processor can be a dangerous occupation and injuries of all sorts are not uncommon.  If you don’t like the idea of being on a boat or working cutting off fish heads or gutting fish, then you might not have a career as a fish processor in your future.  If, however, neither of these fish processor requirements seems like an obstacle, then you might have the stomach for the job.  Further, conditions on the fishing boats can be harsh and many former employees have complained about treatment and conditions.

Average Salary:

The pay of some fish processors can be high, almost the stuff of urban legends.  However, in general fish processors can expect to make between $25,000 and $30,000.

$25k – $30k

Career Training and Qualifications:

Is become a fish processor part of your career planning agenda?  If so, you are probably wondering what you need to do to qualify.  The job of fish processor is one that is most centered on having a strong back and being able to follow orders.  Just in case you haven’t gotten the hint, this job sort of sucks.

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