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Odor Tester

Odor Tester

Career Advice on How to Become an Odor Tester

One has to wonder what an odor tester tells his or her friends what he or she does for a living.  It is a safe bet that the words, “I evaluate products for a company for overall effectiveness,” probably get used quite a bit.  Now you might be thinking that the actual career facts for odor tester will sound like some sort of job out of Dante’s Inferno. Do evildoers spend eternity with their noses buried in the worst of humanity’s armpits? 

Career Facts:

Well, not so fast. Although odor tester might not be at the top of your career planning list, the fact of the matter is that odor testers can be employed in a variety of industries judging and evaluating all sorts of odors.

Yet, there is no doubt that the career facts surrounding odor tester include more than a little potential risk for having to get “down and dirty.”  If your day is spent testing the effectiveness of a new scent to be used in a garage bag, well, that may not be a great day.  The job of odor tester is definitely one that has a lot of room of variation, as odor testers are used in a very wide array of industries.  Why you could end up evaluating the new smell of a soft drink or evaluating the effectiveness of a bathroom deodorant.  Oh the grand adventure that is life.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Good:

New products that need to be tested are coming out all the time.  Therefore, there will always be work for an Odor tester in the foreseeable future.

Job Outlook is Good

A Day in The Life:

Average odor testers might be working on a new deodorant, or they might fight themselves evaluating the smells that come out of a new frozen dinner once its cooked.  Of course, if you are checking out a new deodorant, you might indeed spend some time sniffing an armpit or two (or two dozen or two hundred.)  But it’s a living and if you don’t think there are worse jobs. Just try digging a ditch for an hour, much less eight hours.  After eight hours of digging a ditch a job, using your nose may actually seem pretty brainy. 

Average Salary:

Odor testers make approximately $35,000 per year.


Career Training and Qualifications:

Many odor testers have a degree in chemistry.  If your job search includes odor tester you might find that degree is a requirement.

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