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Ice Cream Truck Driver

Ice Cream Truck Driver

Career Advice on How to Become An Ice Cream Truck Driver

Being an ice cream truck driver is definitely not a full time job, at least not in most of the world.  The reason is obvious, as there isn’t too much demand for an ice cream cone in Minnesota in February.  This is doubly true when one contemplates buying an icy treat and eating it outdoors in such conditions.  In fact, this could even be seen as cruel for children.

Career Facts:

There are numerous hazards to the job of ice cream truck driver.  One is, of course, the ridicule of family and friends.  Secondly, while people may be happy to see you, the job can be stressful when one has dozens of screaming children demanding frozen treats immediately.  Being a careful driver is a must, since children usually surround the ice cream truck and can dart quickly in front of your vehicle.  

Is one of your job search requirements to be around horribly irritating music?  The position of Ice Cream Truck driver also involves the issue of what people in the ice cream truck business call “the song.” We all know “the song.”  

Most of us know the horror of having an ice cream truck make its loop for hours and hours on a hot summer day.  As maddening as it may be for you, think of the poor soul trapped in the confines of that truck listening to the miserable tune.  Yes, the ice cream truck noise pollution should be illegal, but perplexingly it is not.  As an ice cream truck driver, you will have the opportunity to spread this noise pollution to the entire world!

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Good:

hile the job growth for the ice cream truck driver might be a little tough to know with certainty, it is difficult to believe that people will continue to tolerate the noise pollution of the ice cream truck forever. There will always be children and there will always be hot days.  In fact, global warming might be bad for our beloved penguins, but it could definitely mean a boom for the Ice Cream Truck Driver business.

Job Outlook is Good

A Day in The Life:

During the summer months, life is good for the ice cream truck driver, well, sort of anyway.  If you consider dealing with thousands of screaming children, extreme heat inside a metal lined truck, and “the song” a good time, then this job could be for you.  As an ice cream truck driver, prepare to drive around in circles annoying entire neighborhoods. 

Average Salary:

Often ice cream truck drivers keep a percent of whatever they make.

Career Training and Qualifications:

So what kind of career planning is involved with this job?  A driver’s license and ability not to avoid the urge to kill yourself are high on the list of qualifications. 

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