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Hollywood Stunt Person

Hollywood Stunt Person

Career Advice on How to Become A Hollywood Stunt Person

If your job search or career planning has lead you to the exciting world of Hollywood stunts, you are potentially in for some physically demanding, exciting and even dangerous work.  Some of the stunts required by today’s stunt people in the television and film industry are nothing short of amazing.  Falling from the top of buildings and being set on fire are definite possibilities, as is falling from a building while on fire.  But it’s all in the name of art, right?

Career Facts:

It is not uncommon to find that there are many members of the same family involved in the “stunt industry.”  Often this job is handed down generation to generation.  

There are also schools that train would be stunt men and women the tricks of the craft.  Many of these tricks involve learning how to stay alive when hit by a car, for example.  While the stunts can be very dangerous, with training and proper execution many stunts are actually rather safe.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Average:

As a stunt person learns the tricks of the trade and gains a reputation, there are a variety of additional options that can open up.  A stunt person can become a stunt coordinator or take up other jobs in on the special effects side of the entertainment industry.

Job Outlook is OK

A Day in The Life:

The average Hollywood stunt person spends their day, and indeed their entire career, making fragile and frail Hollywood pretty boys and girls look like action heroes.  They take all the punches, explosions and risks, while the big name actors make millions and sip tea with their pinkies in the air.  (We’re looking at you, Tobey McGuire.)

Average Salary:

Salary varies from the Screen Actor Guild minimum of a few hundred dollars a day, to well over a $100,000 a year for the top performers.

Career Training and Qualifications:

Obviously, one has to undergo some serious training for the job.  An untrained stunt person is called a corpse.  There are stunt person training schools that one can attend.  When selecting a stunt school, make sure your instructors are seasoned stunt performers that know the trade.

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