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General Geologist Career Information

Hope you like rocks.  If your career planning or job search is leading you to considering careers in geology, then you will definitely be learning a lot more about the wonderful world of rocks.  Geologists study how the earth works, and what processes are at play in making up the various geological processes that are responsible for the movement of the tectonic plates.  Today, geologists are employed as researchers both in universities and for companies such as petroleum companies.  These companies use geologists to look for oil deposits and gas deposits around the world.


Careers in Geology Facts:

Becoming a, and landing geologist jobs, is a career path for those who are not opposed to the idea of spending lots of time in college.  Most people choosing careers in geology have completed their master’s degree or even their PhD’s.  The field of geology is very diverse and specialized for different fields of study.  Volcanologists, besides having quite possibly the coolest sounding career title, work studying volcanoes and what causes those pesky volcanic eruptions to occur.  While you might not think about volcanoes on a daily basis, luckily, someone out there is doing so.   That someone could be you in the future!  Other interesting fields of study within geology careers include sedimentologists, and while this geology career sounds as though you don’t do much, the truth of the matter is that sedimentologists study the formation of sediment and where interesting stuff like oil and gas might be hiding.  Glacial geologists study glaciers, which at the current rate of glacial melt… well… lets just say that glacial geologist could be forced to look for a new line of work in a few decades.


Career Opportunities- Geologist Jobs Outlook- Good:

Geologists are expected to enjoy an above average job growth rate between 2008 and 2018, largely due to an increased demand for geologists in numerous fields ranging from environmental issues, such as water and soil contamination, to the ever popular search for oil.  In short, careers in geology are to be in demand.
Job Outlook is Good

Geologist Jobs - A Day in The Life:

The nature of the work within a career in geology, means that geologist have to get out and about in nature in order to perform their research.  Research generally includes taking samples and studying geological structures.  This, of course, means that they must be out in the field.  Often the work in this geologist job is related to the search for gas and oil.

Average Geologist Salary:

The average salary for people working geologist jobs runs about $94,000 for those employed by the Federal Government.  The average salary for other geologists is about $79,000 with the top ten percent of earners seeing more than $155,000 by years end.



Careers in Geology- Training and Qualifications:

It is possible for applicants with bachelor’s degrees in geology to find good geologist jobs, yet the choice positions usually go to those with master’s degrees and doctorates.  Geology careers are definitely diverse in their fields of study, and which specific career in geology one decides to specialize in could greatly impact later job choices.
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