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Many people may not have a clear idea of exactly what careers in architecture consist of on a day-to-day basis. However, part of good career planning is coming to understand a variety of careers. Most realize that people involved in architectural careers design the plans necessary to build various structures, ranging from homes and office buildings, to skyscrapers, hospitals, factories, hotels and even airports and sports stadiums. In short, for every building large and small, boring or cool, there is an individual, working in an architecture career that slaved away conceiving of a building design. Then this architect drew up the plans to make it all happen.

But careers in architecture are not exactly that straightforward. While what we all think about is the end product, there are a great many steps before the architectural plans can even be drawn. Architects must first talk to their clients and understand their needs. Of course, a major aspect of the process is budget. Just like everything else in life, it all comes down to budget. This means that you could be the most innovative and brilliant architect in the world, but if you only get architecture jobs to build cookie-cutter mini-malls, well, you will die in obscurity as just another cog in the machine. Depressing? Yes, but it could come with the architecture jobs, and their descriptions.


Careers in Architecture Facts:

Architects are rather unique in the fact that a very large percentage of those working in architecture careers are, in fact, self-employed. About twenty-percent of all architects are self-employed, and the profession requires all architects not only to have a degree in the field, but to also be licensed. You may ask why. 

Well, this question can very easily be answered. The next time you are in a skyscraper, or even an apartment building or home, ask yourself, should you need a license and formal training to draw up the plans for “one of these things?” Collapsing buildings can really bring everyone’s day down a few notches, so let us be glad that architects have to jump through some hoops!


Architect Career Opportunities- Job Outlook-Excellent:

As of 2006, there were 132,000 architecture jobs in the United States, with about seventy-percent of that number working predominately in architectural careers or engineering firms, employing five people or less. The growth outlook for architecture jobs is very good. There are an additional 23,000 people to serve in architecture careers needed by 2016, which is a very healthy eighteen percent increase. With increases of this nature, the architect job search process should not be too painful.
Job Outlook is Excellent

Careers in Architecture- A Day in The Life:

Those working in architecture careers must interact with their clients and truly understand what their clients needs are, and then design a building to fit those needs within the confines of a budget. Architectural plans are expected to have all sorts of little details that could drive free-spirited, creative thinking types out of their minds, such as where to put the air ducts, electrical systems and so on. 
Architects also may be required to spend time on the actual building site. At this point, they will likely be asking themselves, “I went to college for a degree in architectural careers and have a massive amount of debt so I could hang out with these guys?” just as a crane operator nearly backs up over them, turning them into a well-educated pancake.
Much of the architect’s day will, no doubt, be spent alone or in a small group working on a design for a new building or structure. Most of the time they will probably not be too excited about the architecture job. After all, the architecture job consists of building “wacky and good museums that elevate the soul of man” are pretty hard to come by.

Average Architect Salary:

The average salary for one working in an architecture career earn about $64,000 per year, but the top ten percent working architecture jobs can earn over $100,000. For those looking to be self-employed, architecture careers may be the path which offers ample opportunities.

$64k - $100k


Careers in Architecture Training and Qualifications:

Anyone who desires the challenge working in architectural careers should expect to spend five years in college obtaining a degree and another two years for a Master’s Degree. Beyond the educational requirements, expect to have to go through an architectural career licensing procedure.
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