Career Advice on How to Become a Tile and Marble Setter

Tile Setter Careers, General Information

Ask anyone who has ever worked a tile setter career, and especially a marble setter job, and one of the first things they will tell you is that its heavy stuff. In particular, marble, being basically a giant slap of pretty rock, can be amazingly heavy. Yet, carpet and wood will not meet all flooring requirements, and, as a result, tile and marble is desired. 
For those occasions, the tile and marble setter jobs are needed. These hearty souls apply marble and tile to home and office interiors, and, on occasion, also to exteriors. Often tile and marble are installed in areas that need to be waterproofed or have large volumes of foot traffic.

Tile and Marble Setter Careers, Career Facts:

A large amount of the work that tile and marble setters are involved in is physically demanding, such as carrying and transporting large and heavy boxes of tile and marble. Other work includes measuring a given space, then cutting the tile or marble to fit those dimensions. Typical tools involved in the tile setter career are cutting tools, cement and adhesives, grout and polishing compounds. Roughly forty-percent of all those involved in the tile and marble setter careers are self-employed.


Construction Careers, Tile Setter Jobs, Opportunities and Job Outlook-Good:

Unlike many similar professions within construction careers, the job outlook for tile setter jobs and marble setters careers is good, making it a decent potential career pick for those currently in the middle of construction career planning or a marble setters job search. In 2006, 79,000 people were employed across the country working in careers as tile and marble setters. That number is expected to jump by 12,000 people by 2016. This fifteen percent jump makes the career of tile and marble setting a decent potential pick for those looking to acquire a trade skill. Like all jobs in the construction section, this construction career is vulnerable to downturns in housing and construction.
Job Outlook is Good

Marble Setter Careers, A Day in The Life:

Lifting all that tile and marble is definitely no fun, but the majority of the work in this construction career is done indoors which is a definite plus. This construction career also has the added benefit of a degree of job security. It does take time to properly install tile and marble, especially marble and other stones that require polishing. If treated improperly, marble in particular, can easily be scratched during installation. 
For the average tile setters career, or marble setter job, work begins by taking the tile or marble out to a job location. Once inside, it will usually take many hours or days, depending on the size of the job, to properly install the tile or marble.

Tile and Marble Setter Careers, Average Salary:

The average tile or marble setter working a career in construction, can expect to earn about $17.50 an hour, with top earners seeing nearly $30 per hour. This means that the top-ten percent of tile and marble setters can earn around $60,000 a year, making this construction career profession one to consider for those who do not wish to attend college.

$36k - $60k


Tile Setter Careers, Training and Qualifications:

It is common for tile and marble setters to learn their skills while on the job working with contractors. Often “would be” tile setter jobs, and marble setter careers begin as helpers, which usually means carrying a lot of heavy marble and tile.
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