Career Advice on How to Become A Desktop Publisher

General Career Information

If you tell someone that you are a desktop publisher, they may very well be confused about what it is that you do exactly.  A desktop publisher works with various computer programs to help create the look, design and graphics for a variety of businesses, ranging from newspapers to books and even advertising campaigns.  Many desktop publishers ultimately find employment in the print industry as well.

Career Facts:

Desktop publishers are often very concerned with the look and feel of a final printed project, whether it is a magazine add or a brochure any other final printed product.  The desktop computer and the accompanying array of graphics and publishing software that have been more popular in the last fifteen years has greatly changed what was possible in the design and publishing industry.  These changes have made the work of the desktop publisher possible.

In some circumstances, desktop publishers might also find that they are performing other tasks as much such as even writing content, editing content and working on typeset among many other tasks.  This can be particularly common in smaller companies.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Good:

The job growth for desktop publishing is expected to be around one percent, which is far lower than the national average.  However, the fact that many people are expected to leave their positions as desktop publishers means that the overall job outlook could indeed be good, as new positions will open up.
Job Outlook is Good

A Day in The Life:

The average day for a desktop publisher can vary greatly depending on where they are employed.  In general, desktop publishers help create the look and feel of a variety of printed material, ranging from books and newspapers to brochures.  In smaller companies they may have even broader job requirements.

Desktop publishers usually work in office settings and can be put under considerable time pressures to get jobs done.  This may be seen as one downside of the profession for many.


Average Salary:

So what about salary? Obviously this is something to consider before adding desktop publisher to your career planning or job search agenda.  The average salary for a desktop publisher is about $34,000 a year, with the top ten percent earning about $55,000 per year.  Since many in the field are retiring or are expected to move into different positions, the overall employment outlook for desktop publishers should be strong.

$34k - $50k


Career Training and Qualifications:

It is common for desktop publishers to gain their skills either through associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees or through taking classes.  College programs in graphic arts or graphic design are one common path of career training.  The skills necessary to become a desktop publisher can also be learned at community colleges and technical schools.

Clearly, not only a working knowledge of how to use a computer, but an ability to use a variety of programs to create a final, polished graphic oriented product is a must. This career often attracts people with artistic skill and talent who enjoy creating new visual works.

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