Career Advice on How to Become A Credit Analyst

Credit Analyst Careers, General Information.

All the ladies fight over the man working credit analyst jobs, or at least they do in his dreams.  Clearly, this does not always apply for female working credit analyst careers, but you probably get the point.  When you thought about your financial career planning and potential job search options in high-school, credit analysts might have not been high on your list.  If it was high on your list, odds are you were working on that list while stuffed in a locker (which is not always a bad thing as lockers are quiet and can be used for serious reflection and contemplation.)

A credit analyst career consists of working to crunch the credit and financial information on a person to determine if they are a credit risk.  This information is then used to decide who gets a loan and who does not get a loan.  Yes, you are “that guy” or “that girl.”


Financial Careers, Credit Analyst Career Facts:

Number crunching anyone?  Working a financial careers as a credit analyst, you will spend your days taking in lots and lots of numbers and “working” those numbers until you want to jump out of your window.  Only there is one problem; odds are you do not have a window. Even if you did have a window, it would probably be way too industrial in design for you to actually jump out of it.

At the end of the day, the credit analyst career employee, works to crush the dreams of the average Joe or average Jill as they flip over every rock looking for a credit problem or flaw.  But do not hate them, as this is just their job.  They poke, prod and search through financial records to determine who is fit to get money. That is the nature of this particular financial career.


Credit Analyst Careers, Opportunities and Job Outlook- Good:

The job growth for this financial career position is expected to be higher than average in the coming years.  Your credit analyst job search may indeed be fast and painless.
Job Outlook is Good

Financial Careers, Credit Analyst, A Day in The Life:

Does the idea of searching through the credit records of a person or business excite you?  If you answered yes, then a job as a credit analyst might be exactly what suits you.  In a financial career as a credit analyst, you will perform such wildly exciting tasks as reviewing files in a quest to locate and discover such juicy bits as a delinquent account.  Yummie!  Or maybe you will make a recommendation for a payment plan or analyze potential future earnings.  Oh yes, it is that awesome, and it is as exciting as it sounds!

Credit Analyst Careers, Average Salary:

While this may sound a lot like a job that people are willing to do for free, it actually does pay real money.  The average financial career for a credit analyst earns about $64,000.  But what price can be paid on fun?



Credit Analyst Careers, Training and Qualifications:

In general the majority of credit analyst careers require college degrees, but this does vary.  A background in accounting is, not surprisingly, helpful for this financial career, and so you may want to include it your career planning and education.
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