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Let’s just get one amazingly obvious fact out of the way, right up front. Working a banking career as a bank teller is kind of a version of hell in many ways. Obviously, one is not “made of money,” or one would not be considering working a banking career as a bank teller. In bank teller career, you will have the extreme pleasure of watching millions of dollars pass in front of your eyes. However, you will only receive the tiniest fraction of a fraction of a fraction of that dough in your paycheck from a banking career. 
Now, if your mind is strong enough to keep from going insane, then you could add the job of bank teller to your career search or financial career planning agenda. There is an upside as well I suppose, if you are interested in how the banking industry “works.”

Bank Teller Careers, Career Facts:

This is one job that requires a serious level of interaction with the public and attention, even great attention, to small details. Much of the average day in a banking career as a bank teller, is spent engaging in transactions with customers. Most of the time these transactions are pretty straightforward, but there will definitely be customers who are agitated. After all, you are dealing with money.
In general, bank teller careers require the applicant to have at least a high school diploma and on the job training is the norm. For the most part, bank tellers work normal “business hours” with some working on extended hours.

Banking Careers, Bank Teller Jobs, Opportunities and Outlook-Fair:

In 2006, there were about 600,000 people working financial careers, as bank tellers in the United States, and thirteen percent growth is expected over by 2016. This translates into an additional 82,000 new bank teller jobs becoming available.
Advancement beyond the job of bank teller is not unheard of, as some tellers go on to work as head teller, or find other supervisory positions within their banking careers. Tellers are usually on the look out for better paying banking jobs. Even though bank tellers are handling great deals of money and banks could not function without them, the pay is remarkably low.
Job Outlook is Fair  

Bank Teller Jobs, A Day in The Life:

A smart bank teller spends at least part of their day trying to find a new financial career or considering a career change. Beyond that activity, bank teller jobs consist of cashing checks, helping customers determine their balances, accepting deposits and worry about paying their own bills.

Bank Teller Careers, Average Salary:

The average banking career, more-so, the bank teller position, brings in a mere $22,000 per year, with the highest ten-percent in this banking career still earning a meager $30,000. Just consider the bank teller job as something of a freelance social worker, whose purpose is to help the beaten down and neglected banking industry. With pay like this, it is no wonder that bank tellers are usually seeking another financial career, if not a career change.

$22k- $30k


Banking Careers, Teller Jobs, Training and Qualifications:

The bank industry usually just requires a high-school diploma for one of their coveted $22,000 a year bank teller jobs, that seems to top out at $30,000. They are very generous that way. Most of what is involved in a bank teller career is learned on the job. 
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