Career Advice on How to Become an Advertising and Promotions Manager

General Career Information

Advertising managers are the ones that are largely responsible for coordinating the efforts of advertising and promotions staff. The promotions manager is responsible for directing promotions programs. They often use telemarketing, direct mail, newspaper inserts and television and radio ads in conjunction with discount deals to increase overall sales. 
Advertising and promotions managers thus are responsible for overseeing advertising and promotions strategies and the staff that implements those strategies. For those interested in the particular career or who are in the process of career planning or a job search, realize that this is a career that comes with a fair degree of responsibility.

Career Facts:

Often advertising and promotions managers find that they are required to travel. Traveling is usually centered on meeting with clients. Further, it is also common for advertising and promotions managers to have to put in long hours. One surprising fact is that about sixty-six percent of all advertising, marketing and public relations managers work more than forty-hour workweeks. And during this time, these folks will be expected to generate a continuous stream of good ideas to push products on the general public.

People from all sorts of backgrounds are working in this career. Who is or is not a good fit depends largely upon one’s given background.   Companies in the technology industry often look for those with a technology related background. Those with degrees in advertising or journalism often hold advertising management positions.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Below Average:

The job outlook for those advertising and promotions managers is about six percent. In 2006, there were 47,000 advertising and promotions managers in the United States, and by 2016 this number is expected to hit 5,000. This means that the career in general is seeing slightly below average growth.
Job Outlook is OK   

A Day in The Life:

This is a competitive field that requires a great deal of energy from those involved. Workweeks often exceed forty-hours, and the competition for jobs can be very intense at times. As a result, advertising and promotions managers often find themselves under considerable stress to perform. This is not terribly surprising, as advertising and promotions managers are, after all, involved in trying to generate large amounts of revenue through their advertising and promotions endeavors.

Average Salary:

The long hours and stress do come with decent wages. The average advertising and sales manager can expect to earn about $73,000 per year, with the top-ten percent of earners seeing wages averaging about $99,000.

$73k - $99k


Career Training and Qualifications:

Many employers desire advertising and promotions managers to have a bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism. The obvious reason being that advertising and promotions managers need to have backgrounds in topics such as market research and communications methods.
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