Career Advice on How to Become a Librarian

General Career Information

If you like books and hate people, then becoming a librarian is definitely the job you are looking for. Before you begin your career-planning path, just make absolutely sure you love books. And we mean love.
The world of the librarian has moved from the card catalog to the computer in recent years. This, of course, has changed the job considerably. In general, a librarian will work to make sure that the information contained within a library isn’t just up to date, but is also easily accessible. Librarians also assist those visiting the library find the necessary books or digitally stored information they are seeking.

Career Facts:

Librarians often have Master’s Degrees in Library Science. Many states require school librarians obtain licenses. Those looking to work at the university or college level often hold PhD’s in library and information sciences. 


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Poor:

The expected job growth by 2016 for librarians is just four percent. Your job search might be tough. You might end up moving to a town you don’t want to live in just to get that librarian job. But at least you will have your books.
The Internet has obviously made finding information easier than in the days of yore. However, the job of the librarian is not going away anytime soon. As of 2006, there were 158,000 librarians in the United States alone. In 2016, it is expected that there will still be 164,000 librarians across the United States.
Job Outlook is Poor    

A Day in The Life:

The average day of a librarian varies on the institution and the job description. However, on average, most librarians spend their day sorting books, sorting information and directing people to that information. It is not uncommon for librarians to now help people navigate the Internet to find the information that they need. Some librarians begin their own consulting firms as well.
Your average day might consist of everything from clueless people wandering in and asking you stupid questions to having deep, meaningful conversations with research scientists looking for materials. You might also have a wide variety of students try to trick you into various things that will make their jobs easier and your job harder. 
Also everyone always expects librarians to look like bookworms. You are expected to fit the librarian profile, which means wearing ugly glasses and dressing like a nerd. Therefore, if you happen to look “cool,” you can expect everyone to walk by you and ask someone else where the librarian is. Then when you finally introduce yourself as the librarian, people’s eyes will open wide and they will say, “Really? You?” They will assume if you look nice, you won’t know anything about books. This will get extremely annoying over time and eventually you will just start dressing like a nerd to avoid that abovementioned interaction.

Average Salary:

The average librarian can expect to earn about:

$45k - $55k


Career Training and Qualifications:

Training varies by position. Those seeking postsecondary jobs will have to earn a Master’s Degree or PhD in library sciences.
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