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If the sight of teeth repulses you, then you are barking up the wrong tree with the idea of dental careers. Hopefully, if you are reading this site, you have been to the dentist (and hopefully recently). Most people are surprised to learn that poor oral hygiene can actually lead to all sorts of other serious medical issues. 
The average person working a career for dentists plays a vital role in helping keep people healthy. Most dentists clean teeth or employ a small army of meagerly paid minions to do the work for them. When dentists are actually working, it is usually in the evaluation stage, examining X-rays or drilling into the side of someone’s jaw.

Jobs for Dentists, Career Facts:

Here is some information you will need for your dental career planning. The field of dentistry has many specialties. However, a general dentist, the type of dentist most people are familiar with, spends about eight years in college and medical school learning this profession. Most people working dentist careers are self-employed and must be certified. 

Most people hate going to the dentist. When working in a dentist career, you must be resigned that you will become the guy or gal that everyone hates going to see.


Careers for Dentists, Opportunities and Job Outlook-Fair:

So what will the dentist job search look like? The rate of expected growth for dentists careers is expected to be about nine percent between now and 2016. By 2016, there should be about 176,000 people working dentist careers, and drilling into the side of people’s faces each and every day.
Job Outlook is Fair  

A Day in The Life, Dentist Careers:

You may think that gazing longingly into decaying and rotting teeth might be a non-stop party, but the truth is something altogether different. Being a dentist is not quite as fun as it may seem. People are generally not to happy to see you, as you cause them pain. You will often be called upon to deliver bad news, such as “that will cost you $1,500 you were not playing on spending and don’t have.” People working careers for dentists also have the pleasure of knowing that everyone who steps into their office would rather be almost anywhere else.
While every day is different, on most days dentists will see people who, either through genetics, bad luck or incredible levels of astounding stupidity, have serious dental problems. This means that they will have to perform minor medical procedures, while their patients are awake and feeling as though they are undergoing some sort of medieval torture.
Also prepare to spend hours per day telling patients to brush and floss their teeth more. You will also have to undergo hearing people lie to you repeatedly. It will go like this. They will tell you they floss every day religiously. You will smile and nod your head, knowing that they are telling boldfaced lies.
You will have to get used to seeing silly signs with rainbows and sunsets hanging around your office that say things like “You don’t have to brush all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep!”

Dentist Careers, Average Salary:

For all this misery and suffering, those working dental careers average a healthy $136,000 per year.

$130k - $140k


Careers for Dentists, Training and Qualifications:

Dental careers require candidates to spend years in dental school. All dentists must be certified before beginning to drill into teeth, thankfully.
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