Career Advice on How to Become a Massage Therapist

General Career Information

Massage therapists use massage to help their patients in a variety of ways, ranging from relaxation to the treatment of injuries. The average massage therapist may treat patients who have been injured in a variety of ways, ranging from sports injuries to work related injuries. There is no doubting the benefit of massage for dealing with stress and in this capacity massage therapists can do invaluable work. 
Those who are in the middle of career planning or a job search should know that the expected rate of job growth for the field is about twenty-percent, which is above average. However, given the number of retirees and America’s currently decreasing overall health, it is possible that this number will rise. The fact is that massage therapists perform a valuable function and can help address and relieve many medical and stress related conditions.

Career Facts:

Somewhat surprisingly, there are about 1,500 massage therapy programs in the United States alone. In these programs, massage therapists learn a variety of massage techniques, as well as information concerning anatomy, physiology and body mechanics. Certification through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is a path that many massage therapist take. Over eighty percent of massage therapists are currently women.

Massage therapists work to help their patients deal with a wide variety of medical conditions, ranging from stress reduction to injuries. Medical science has clearly shown that massage can be highly beneficial in treating injury as well as reducing stress.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Excellent:

The rate of growth for massage therapists is expected to be very good at about twenty percent. Currently there are about 118,000 massage therapists in the United States, and this number is expected to increase to roughly 142,000 by 2016. This growth will no doubt be fueled by the same factors that are stimulating growth in the entire health care industry.
Job Outlook is Excellent

A Day in The Life:

The average massage therapist sees patients on an appointment basis, and most do not work forty hours per week. In fact, roughly forty percent of all massage therapists work part time. The job can be physically demanding, as massage therapists are required to quite literally “work the stress” out of tightened and tough muscles. Clearly, this is easier when a client is thin than when they are overweight or obese. On days when massage therapists see many clients, the work can be rather physically demanding.

Average Salary:

The average earning for a massage therapist is about $16 per hour, with the top ten percent earning about $34 per hour. It is common for massage therapist to earn a significant part of their income in the form of tips. In fact, tips may account for as much as twenty percent of a massage therapist’s income.

$30k - $65k


Career Training and Qualifications:

Massage therapists are not regulated in every state. In the states where they are regulated, massage therapists must graduate from an approved training program or school.
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