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Medical Assistant Careers, General Career Information.

The vast majority of medical assistant careers, result in the medical assistant finding work in doctor’s offices.  The fact is that one starting a medical assistant career can find employment in a wide range of doctor’s offices.  Medical assistants jobs, consist of performing all kinds of administrative and other tasks in medical offices.  All kinds of health practitioners, ranging from physicians to chiropractors, commonly employ medical assistants to help reduce their workloads.

Not surprisingly, the medical assistant career varies greatly depending upon what kind of medical office their medical assistant job lands them in.  However, in general, individuals in medical assistant careers spend a great deal of their time updating medical records and increasingly, working with insurance companies to help guarantee those low medical costs we all enjoy of so very much.


Career Facts, Medical Assistant Careers:

Medical assistant careers often require learning while on the job, but many do complete one or two year programs in the field.  Usually, there is a focus on medical terminology, record keeping and working with insurance related issues.  Some doctors prefer for those in medical assistant careers to have official training, but it is not required. 


Medical Careers, Medical Assistant Opportunities and Job Outlook- Excellent:

The current rate of job growth in medical careers, specifically for medical assistant jobs, is about thirty-five percent, which is unusually high.  Medical assistants careers offer the employee job security benefits from the great wave of retirees and the general decline in the health of Americans of all ages.  In 2006, there were approximately 417,000 people working medical assistant careers in the United States, and by 2016, this number will jump significantly to an impressive 565,000.  Your job search in the medical assistant field will likely be very easy.
Job Outlook is Excellent

Medical Assistant Jobs, A Day in The Life:

While the number of medical assistant jobs may be rather large at over 400,000, their pay is not quite so large.  The average medical assistant career grosses about $26,000, with the top ten percent still only earning about $39,000 in their medical careers

Unfortunately this job is not without its stress. Medical assistant jobs are, after all, still place employees in the medical profession.  The overwhelming majority of people in medical assistant careers work in hospitals and doctor’s offices.  This means performing tasks ranging from answering phones to collecting and preparing lab samples and specimens. 

In fact, a career as medical assistants can even require the employee to be expected to dispose of some forms of medical waste.  That’s right, for $26,000 a year you too can dispose of low-grade medical waste.  The American Dream is definitely alive and well!  One additional fact about medical assistant careers, the bottom ten percent can earn as little as about $19,000 a year.  What an adventure!


Health Care Careers, Medical Assistant, Average Salary:

Considering the nature of the work in these health care careers, one would expect medical assistant jobs to bring in a little more than a salary in the $19,000 to $39,000 range. You definitely want to factor that detail into your medical assistant career planning.

$19k - $39k


Medical Assistants, Career Training and Qualifications:

It is common for medical assistant careers, to lead the assistant learning while on the job, which is comforting, considering that in some situations medical assistant jobs place the responsibility of sterilizing equipment and even performing some lab test.  That’s right, someone who often has no formal medical career training can be put to work performing lab tests and sterilizing equipment.  But on the upside… well, there is no upside actually to medical assistant careers. 
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