Career Advice on How to Become a Pharmacist.

Pharmacist Careers, General Career Information.

If you don not like chemistry, then you might want to pass on considering pharmacist careers. The pharmacist job requires the understanding of different drugs and their interactions very well. If one working a career as a pharmacistt has a bad day or makes a mistake, the consequences, on occasion, can be serious both for their pharmacist career, and for the patient whose health they have been entrusted with. 
Those who are in the process of a job search or pharmacist career planning should understand that while the pay is high, this is a profession that comes with a degree of pressure and responsibility. Add to this pressure and responsibility the fact that pharmacist jobs often require the pharmacist to work odd hours, such as nights, holidays and weekends, and you have a job that might not be for everyone.

Pharmacist Jobs, Career Facts:

One of the first facts that people interested in pharmacist careers should understand about this profession, is that it is no “cake walk” (whatever a “cake walk” is.) No the training to start a pharmacist career is pretty intense. Pharmacists must earn a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and then a Doctor of Pharmacy degree as well. As if that is not enough, candidates for pharmacist careers must then pass state certification. All for the privilege of working nights, holidays and weekends! 

No wonder many people are working in other areas of the drug industry and leaving the pharmacist career behind. Some of the other industries that one can find work through pharmacist jobs are in the testing and development of new drugs. Of course, this might also mean getting to use human guinea pigs! Other pharmacists are finding pharmacy careers in academia as well.


Jobs for Pharmacists, Pharmacist Careers, Opportunities and Job Outlook-Excellent:

People sure do love their drugs these days. No matter what your problem, there is a drug for you. If your eyelashes are too thin, do not worry there is a drug for that too. Oh sure, it may have some really scary side effects, but who cares. Science! Combine America’s appetite to fix all problems with a pill and the retirement wave of the “give me a pill” generation, (also known as the Baby Boomers) and the pharmacist career has a healthy job outlook indeed.
The number of jobs for pharmacists in the United States is expected to grow by twenty two percent by 2016. This is an impressive 296,000, up from the 243,000 in 2006. With this kind of fantastic career growth, pharmacists should have little trouble finding jobs for pharmacists.
Job Outlook is Excellent

A Day in The Life, Pharmacist Careers:

For all their years of training, pharmacist careers reward the pharmacist, himself or herself, with the exciting opportunity to work in some of America’s most desirable locations. One can expect to find pharmacist jobs in our nation’s finest grocery stories, department stores, mega-box small rural community mega-stores as well as stand alone pharmacies and drug stores. In addition to spending all day under humming florescent light tubes, pharmacist jobs also offer the pharmacist the pleasure of being exposed to the germs of sick, barely literate human germ dispensers.

Pharmacist Jobs, Average Salary:

At least pharmacist careers amount to a decent buck earned. The average jobs for pharmacists bring about $95,000, with the top ten percent earning about $120,000. However, considering the years of schooling, one really has to question whether or not the amount of pay is reflective to the level of education required for pharmacist careers.

$95k - $120k


Pharmacy Careers, Career Training and Qualifications:

Pharmacists can expect to spend years and years obtaining Bachelor's of Pharmacy, and further their Doctor of Pharmacy degree before embarking on pharmacy careers. Finally, do not forget the requirements of state certification, which of course, varies from state to state across the union.
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