Career Advice on How to Become a Pharmacy Aide.

Pharmaceutical Careers, Pharmacy Aide Jobs, General Information.

If you are considering pharmaceutical careers, and mores specifically pharmacy aide jobs, know that one is expected to stock merchandise, in this case drugs, and make sure they are ready to be purchased. In some situations, the pharmacy aide career might require running the cash register and taking orders for prescriptions that need to be filled. Pharmacy aide jobs will consist of working under the supervision of a pharmacist, who is the one responsible for making sure that the right person receives the right prescription.
Those who are career planning or in the process of a job search relating to pharmaceutical careers, should realize that pharmacy aide jobs do not pay particularly well. This does vary, depending upon where one works, however. But, in general, the lack of pay is a major drawback for pharmacy aide careers.

Pharmacy Aide Careers, Pharmaceutical Career Facts:

Most pharmacy aide jobs, (an amazing eighty-two percent) employ pharmacy aides either at department stores, grocery stores or other giant box “job creating” establishments. In addition to working the cash register, pharmacy aide jobs mean working, often hand in hand, with somewhat better paid pharmacy technicians. Somewhat unsettling, the pharmacy aid often plays a role in record keeping, which is important in terms of avoiding drug interactions and making sure that patients do not receive the wrong medication. The reason that this is unsettling is that no real medical training is required for pharmacy aide careers, which could be, a key medical career position. 


Pharmaceutical Careers, Pharmacy Aide Opportunities and Job Outlook-Good:

The outlook for pharmacy aide jobs is good, despite the fact that by 2016 this career is actually expected to shed some jobs. The reason that the job outlook is actually good is that many existing pharmacy aides will be leaving the profession, thus opening up many pharmaceutical careers and jobs for pharmacy aides. In 2006, there were 50,000 pharmacy aide jobs in the United States, and this number will fall to 45,000 by 2016.
Job Outlook is Good

Pharmacy Aide Careers, A Day in The Life:

Pharmacy aide careers, consist of working hand-in-hand with pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, answering phones, stocking drugs, taking payments, sending text messages to their friends about how much their pharmacy aide jobs suck, and sort of try not to give anyone any drugs that will kill them. 
Much of the pharmacy aides' days are spent dealing with customers and trying not to scream at old ladies who will not, “You know like shut up and stuff…” Most pharmacy aide jobs trap the employee under the neon lights of the mega boxes that adorn the American landscape, with a tiny percentage, around seven percent, finding pharmaceutical career refuge in hospitals.

Pharmacy Aide Jobs, Average Salary:

The average hourly wage for a pharmacy aide job, is about $9 per hour. Of course, the pay is quite low. However, the career of pharmacy aide is a pharmaceutical career which does not require any specific training.

$15k - $19k


Pharmaceutical Careers, Pharmacy Aide Career Training and Qualifications:

The training for a pharmacy aid career is mostly on the job and is done by an overworked pharmacist. This pharmacist, on the other hand, wishes he or she had not listened to their overbearing and pushy parents as he or she is now stuck working nights and weekends, despite having a Bachelors of Pharmacy, a PhD and you, a poorly paid, but hard working employee, stuck in a pharmacy aide career
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