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General Career Information, Physical Therapist Careers.

Men and women working in physical therapist careers, help people who have all sorts of physical injuries. Most of the time physical therapist jobs include working to help their patients regain strength or movement after an injury or illness. Due to the fact that they are working with the entire body, a physical therapist needs to have a broad knowledge of the body, how it works and the best way to help their patients regain strength and mobility. Because the nature of the injuries is varied, the course of treatments and the average workday can be varied as well in physical therapy careers. Those who are considering adding physical therapist careers to their career planning or job search should know that the job of physical therapist affords the opportunity to help others recover from often frightening and even traumatic injuries.

Physical Therapy Careers, Career Facts:

The graying of the American population is playing a major and significant role in the expected increase in the number of physical therapy careers. With the aging of the population, the number of heart attack and stroke victims will rise. This will mean an increased demand for the services of health care professionals in general and people working in physical therapist jobs specifically. In the coming years, the number of physical therapists is expected to rise dramatically. Those who are interested in virtual ironclad job security might want to consider beginning a career in physical therapy.

The work involved in a physical therapist careeris not just limited to helping clients regain mobility and strength. Often helping patients learn to regain posture and balance as well as deal with issues of pain and chronic pain can all be part of the physical therapist job description. Physical therapists often work in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities and clinics. Thus, they spend a good deal of time consulting with medical professionals about what is best for their client and what their client needs.


Physical Therapy Career Opportunities, Physical Therapist Jobs Outlook-Excellent:

The rate of growth for physical therapist jobs is excellent. Between now and 2016, the rate of growth is expected to be about twenty-seven percent for physical therapy careers. This translates into about 47,000 new physical therapist jobs in the health care sector.
Job Outlook is Excellent

A Day in The Life of Physical Therapy Careers:

While the day may vary, depending on the patient and the extent of those problems, in general, physical therapist careers consist of the physical therapist employee spending much of their time helping their patients recover from serious physical injuries. This work can range from supervised exercise, designed to recover strength and mobility, to massage and other techniques to improve healing and circulation. Physical therapy careers can be extremely rewarding for the individual who does in fact, simply enjoy helping others to improve their health, and in turn their lives.

Average Salary for Physical Therapist Jobs:

Physical therapist jobs on average, record about $66,000 per year, with the top ten percent of physical therapy careers grossing about $94,000 annually.

$65k - $95k


Physical Therapy Careers, Therapist Training and Qualifications:

Currently, you should know, physical therapy careers are expected to hold a Master’s Degree, but there is a movement towards requiring physical therapists to hold a Doctorate.
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