Career Advice on How to Become a Radiologic Technologist or Technician

General Career Information

If there was a career planning guide for being a radiological technician or technologist it would say, “Must love x-rays.” Those who are contemplating entering this profession should probably be aware that it involves, well, x-rays. If you have any problem with x-rays you might wish to take your job search elsewhere.
The job of the radiologic technologist isn’t as fun as you might think. No, sorry to bear the bad news, but you will not be zapping tomatoes in order to make them “super tomatoes.” Sadly, you will be working with patients and giving them x-rays. As a radiologic technologist you make sure that people do not receive so much radiation through their x-rays that they are dead people they leave the office. 

Career Facts:

The job of radiologic technologist might not sound as cool today as it did say in 1954, but the radiologic technologist does get to play with some increasingly sophisticated and interesting technology. Radiologic technologists carry out the instructions of physicians in performing tests so that doctors can get a look at whatever part of the human body seems to be causing the trouble.
Lead shielding is your new best friend as a radiologic technologist. You should expect to see it just about everywhere. In fact, you even get to wear a nifty little badge that tells you when you have reached your “safe limit” of exposure. Well, that sure is nice isn’t it? Why wouldn’t everyone want to be employed in such an exciting field? 

Risk taking personalities listen up! The extremely exciting career of radiologic technologist might be exactly what you are looking for. It’s running around the house with a pair of scissors, but with a Goth edge. Cool.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Fair:

The rate of growth isn’t glowing hot, but it is about average at fifteen percent. Currently there are about 196,000 members of this club with “special badges.”
Job Outlook is Fair  

A Day in The Life:

Radiologic technologists start the day off with six cups of coffee and two packs of “cigs.” Why not, right? After that they ride their motorcycle, without a helmet, in and out of traffic. Why not, right? For lunch they eat off the “cart” that stops in a near by parking lot and get four roast beef sandwiches. Usually they eat more, but they are going to the all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner, after all, its “everything is fried night.” The daily workload consists of standing around all day giving people x-rays.

Average Salary:

All those x-rays must mean serious bucks, right? Ah, well, no. The average radiologic technologist averages about $48,000, with the top ten percent still coming in at only $68,000. But, once again, you do get a pretty awesome badge.

$48k - $68k


Career Training and Qualifications:

The most common degree is an Associate’s Degree in the field. Some radiologic technologists have Bachelor’s Degrees. In 35 states these technologists must undergo certification.
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