Career Advice on How to Become A Counter Attendant-Cafeteria, Food Concession and Coffee Shop

General Career Information

There is nothing quite like the satisfactions that one gets from handing a four hundred pound guy a donut.  If you find such a thought to be appealing, then you might be mean spirited enough for a career in the not-so-fast-paced world of the counter attendant. Put this job on your career planning list and job search agenda immediately.  

As a counter attendant, you will get to see first hand mothers brought to the edge of insanity by one, two or even three screaming children. Or you may first hand experience the wonders of an elderly person paying in pennies, nickels and dimes, all the while relaying how the Great Depression was so much worse than the “Great Recession.”  Are you intrigued?  If so, the life of the counter attendant might be for you!

Counter attendants can often be found looking a little sad and dejected at coffee shops, food concession areas and cafeterias.  You may have notice the far away look in the average counter attendant’s eyes, which is vastly preferable to the cold hard menacing stare that about five percent of counter attendants have perfected.

The counter attendant performs a variety of tasks ranging from serving food and taking orders to cleaning up tables.  Counter attendants may also take orders from customers who take seats at counters and order, thus the origin of the name.  The counter attendant, while still alive and well, was more of a fixture in bygone eras.

Career Facts:

One is likely to see counter attendants working at drive through fast food restaurants.  In this regard, the counter attendant may perform a variety of activities during the same transaction including taking an order, taking payment for that order and filling that order.  Is it a dream job?  You decide.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Average:

With a growth rate of about thirteen percent the job outlook for the counter attendant is expected to be about average.
Job Outlook is Fair

A Day in The Life:

Counter attendants can be found in a variety of locations, ranging from cafeterias to food concession areas to coffee shops.  Many food attendants will find work at places like shopping malls working behind the counter of fast food areas selling pretzels, cinnamon infused creations and so forth.  In no way shape or form is this a job that is lucrative.

Average Salary:

The average counter attendant probably earns less money per hour than the average person would guess.  Counter attendants can expect to earn about $7.70 per hour, with the top ten percent earning almost $11 per hour.

Career Training and Qualifications:

While this job pays very little, there are no real qualifications required.  For many people employed in the industry the position is temporary and is often held by students who are either in college or high school.

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