Career Advice on How to Become A Fast Food Cook

General Career Information

Am I sure about this?  Do I have any other options?  Have I definitely tried hard enough to find a job or career?  Have I thought this through long enough?  These are all questions one should ask oneself become agreeing to put on the oh-so delightful fast food cook uniform. 

While it may seem a tad harsh to encourage people to question whether or not they want to do this job (and to double and triple check their other options), it only makes sense to do so.  And here is why.  A fast food cook has to work very hard and usually in a hot kitchen. Sometimes a very hot kitchen!  He or she is required to work under a degree of pressure in an attempt to get orders filled and out to customers.  This would be fine if the pay was decent, but sadly, it is not.  Fast food cooks earn a very meager living.  For this reason, those who take this job should see it as being a temporary step and a stopgap measure.  (Ten years should not be seen as a “temporary step” either.)

However, there is an upside.  As many people quit this job when they find one that pays more, there are more openings that with most other jobs that require little or no skill.  Therefore, job seekers that are looking for a job and need one quickly, they have a decent chance of finding one working as a fast food cook.  This is especially true of those that can demonstrate a working knowledge of fast food preparation or cooking in general.


Career Facts:

The world of the fast food cook is generally a young person’s game with nearly forty percent of all fast food cooks being under the age of twenty-four.  Again, this is due in part to many fast food cooks looking for other better paying jobs.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Average:

The rate of growth between now and 2016 for fast food cooks is expected to be roughly average.
Job Outlook is Fair

A Day in The Life:

Working as a fast food cook is a way for people to become familiar with the inner working of the fast food industry.   However, learning opportunities may be limited as fast food cooks are “stuck in the back” where they are hopefully not spitting on food or dropping it onto the floor. 

The job of fast food cook is no easy job.  Not only is the work environment hot and messy, it also requires cooks to spend a great deal of time on their feet.  Being a fast food cook can also be physically demanding.  Cooks may be required to lift heavy bags of goods, such as meat and potatoes as well as heavy pots.


Average Salary:

This demanding job pays poorly, plain and simple.  While most fast food restaurant chain enjoys exceptional profits, don’t expect a slice of that pie working as a fast food cook.  The average fast food cook earns roughly $15,000 a year.  Yes, that is in US dollars.

Career Training and Qualifications:

Working as a fast food cook is a job that requires virtually no education.  A high-school diploma is not required in most cases, and most of the training is done on the job.  For those looking to quickly build a work history, employment as a fast food cook might be an option.

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