Career Advice on How to Become A Food Service Manager

General Career Information

Do you like food?  If you really like food and like the idea of bossing it around all day and telling it what to do, then you might like working as a food service manager.  Now, not just anyone can become a food service manager.  One needs to be able to speak English and show up on time, most of the time anyway.  If you have that going for you, feel free to put this career on your job search and career planning agenda.


Career Facts:

Food service managers supervise the ordering of food and various other supplies that a restaurant or fast food chain pretending to be a restaurant might need.  This means that food service managers might need to make sure that there is plenty of barbeque sauce for America’s growing army of the obese and dangerously obese to put on their hot wings, hamburgers and triple cheeseburgers.  But a food service manager may have to order other items as well, such as napkins for cleaning up the carnage and equipment.

On a day to day basis, food service managers are likely to find that they are managing more than just food.  They are also managing employees and handling the day in and day out responsibilities of running a business, without any of the perks of course.  Food service managers, in short, need to oversee the operations of a restaurant and make sure that everything is working well and the service is good or at least passable. 


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Good:

America’s obsession with eating out and growing plumper will continue.  As a result, the job outlook for food service managers should be on the stout side.  While the rate of growth is only expected to be five percent, many food service managers are going to retire thus leaving openings for “fresh meat.”
Job Outlook is Good

A Day in The Life:

A day in the life of many food service managers begins with their mothers screaming at them to take out the trash before they go to work.  Followed by another scream that they “better not talk to any women.”  After that your average food service manager can expect to work about fifty weeks a year and usually twelve-hour days, sometimes even more.  Yes, this is a dream job.  While working this dream job, one is responsible for handling payroll, the day’s receipts and locking up for the day.  Live the dream.

Average Salary:

For working like a modern day indentured servant, food service managers can expect to average about $43,000 per year with the top ten percent earning about $70,000.  It should be noted that the bottom ten-percent earn about $27,000, which is just plain scary considering the hours involved.  In short, when the salary is contrasted against the number of hours work and the responsibility of the job, one can easily conclude that this is not a dream job.



Career Training and Qualifications:

Many food service managers have held other jobs in the food service industry such as waiter or cook.  Some food service managers have two-year or four-year degrees from hospitality management programs.

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