Career Advice on How to Become A Host or Hostess At a Restaurant, Lounge or Coffee Shop

General Career Information

Once a restaurant, lounge or coffee shop has successfully lured in a customer into their trap, ur, establishment, it is up to the host or hostesses to get them seated and committed to the ordering process. That is before the potential customer changes his or her mind and hit the doors.  As a result, a friendly, and let’s face it often-attractive face, is what that customer initially sees.  The job of the host or hosts is vitally important to any restaurant, lounge or coffee shop in that they are making a first impression, which can be extremely important. This fact is especially true if the quality of food or service or both is lacking.

The job of the host or hostesses usually entails welcoming the customers into the establishment, giving them a table and a menu.  They can also work to set and check reservations at the door.


Career Facts:

If host or hostess is on your job search, here are some additional things you need to know about this career.  One overlooked but important aspect of the job of a host or hostess is to control the flow of people.  Much of the time this is not a very important part of the job. However, during busy periods, controlling the flow of bodies in and out of a restaurant, for example, can be critical to the overall experience that customers have at that restaurant. This may determine whether or not they return.

Having a friendly and smiling host or hostess is also very important.  Being able to fake a smile and speak clearly are two of the most important qualities that a host or hostess can possess.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Fair:

How does job growth look in terms of career planning? Between now and 2016, the job growth outlook for hosts and hostesses in the United States is expected to be about average.
Job Outlook is Fair

A Day in The Life:

There is a distinct difference between the experience that a host or hostess may have during slow hours as compared to busy hours.  During slow hours, hostesses in particular, may have to deal with the advances of customers or her boss.  Additionally, she may spend a lot of time attempting to look busy and useful, but she really isn’t doing too much.  This later point usually holds true for hosts as well. However, they are more prone to be recruited into “lifting something heavy in back.”

Average Salary:

The average salary for a host or hostess is about $7 per hour.

Career Training and Qualifications:

Show up, smile, dress in a presentable fashion at least in most of the country, and speak coherently and you sort of have this job in the bag.  The ability to deal with the occasional idiot and drunken idiot (which is a real thing, and not a martial arts style) is a very real plus.  This holds especially true on weekends and at establishments that serve very cheap liquor.

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