23 Aug 2010


Develop Your Resume to Shine in Today’s Economy

Polishing your resume has never been more important than in today's economy. With so many workers getting laid off and others losing their jobs, it is important to recession proof your resume to catch the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager.
Your goal is to make a resume that stands out from the crowd. Not in the paper you use or through different fonts but in the way that you prove to the employer that you are the best one for their job. Many people miss the fact that a resume should be geared towards a specific career and not to a generic job. It should tell each employer how you can improve their bottom line.
This may seem like a lot of work but with a little practice you can be sure that your resume rises to the top of the slush pile. In other words, your resume will be one of the ones that the hiring manger saves.
Tell Them Your Value
The resume and cover letter are your first introduction to any employer. Because of this you want to make sure they understand that you are looking for a career and you think you can find it with them. You will want to show on paper how valuable you have been to your current employer and how you think you can resolve a problem for them.
This takes a little research because you need to know something about the company so you can address a specific problem they may be having. Another way to show value is to take apart their job posting when you apply. Go over it point by point and tell them how you fit the bill they have ordered.
Show Your Credibility
It is not enough to just tell them your value; your resume should show them your expertise. Highlight in your cover letter what you did to solve problems similar to what the new employer has printed in their job description. They will want you to show what you did for your current company. This will help them determine that you are the best one for the job.
Become Familiar With Industry Keywords
Each industry has a set of keywords that they use that are action oriented and should be a part of your resume. When a recruiter scans an email resume or one that comes by regular mail, the scanner looks for these key words. The best career advice we can give you is to become familiar with these words and use them. If you are doing a career change you will have to become familiar with the new industry as well.
Make Your Resume Shine
Once you have your resume completed go over it with a speculative eye. Check spelling, punctuation and the overall structure of the program. Make sure that it is short and to the point. Have someone else read it that is aware of your career change and get their critique.
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