16 Feb 2011


Now You Have The Job, What’s Next? How To Market Yourself


When you get the job you want it is time to begin looking at how you want to advance your career. Getting into the job is the first part but advancing in it is something different. One of the first things you can do is to create a career plan if you haven't done it already.
Your career plan can be about how you will move forward in the company and you can watch people as they move around you. What does it take to do the job they are doing? What interests you about the job? What is your ultimate career goal? How long will you want to stay in that one position before you want a career change? These are just a few of the questions you need on your career plan.
Once you have a plan it is time to become visible to your supervisor. Make sure you ask for opportunities as they come up for projects. Take charge of a project that is interesting to you and finish before it is due. Be prepared to talk to other people in your company just to get to know them.
 It is a good rule of thumb to be kind to everyone from the janitor to the president. This makes you a well rounded individual and people will begin to tell you when projects you might be interested in become available.
At some point in your career, tell your supervisor that you are available to take on new projects. Let them know about your career plan and find out whether there are any opportunities to take part in professional development. If not find ways to upgrade your skills as you need to in order to make the career change later.
When you do something that is successful make sure you put a short article in the company newsletter if they have one. Let people know what you have done and how you have created a solution with your project. If you are not working on something currently, put a short informational piece in the newsletter. Make it interesting and short and make sure you get a byline for it.
Find ways to make the jobs easier for people around you. Is there a way to help someone on a short project? If so, offer your skills. This career advice will go along way to help you later when you want to make a career change.
When you are in meetings, try to think of something short to either add to the conversation or think of a question to ask. Do not be obnoxious with it but add to the conversation in some way.
Marketing yourself inside your company is more about getting to know people and building relationships. Don’t be afraid to talk to other executives outside your department especially when you see them at lunch. This is a great time to get to know them when possible.
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