16 Feb 2011


Tips for an Award Winning Job Interview


Regardless of whether you want to undergo a complete career transition or simply a job at a new company, job interviews can be nerve wracking and downright frightening. The best way to your self confidence intact through a job interview is to be prepared for anything that can come your way.
A job interview is an employer’s first opportunity to meet you face-to-face, and first impressions count for a great deal. If you are called in for an interview, then you already know that your cover letter and resume struck a favorable chord with the employer. Now it is time to put your best foot forward in every way and clinch the job that you so earnestly want. This means letting your personality shine through, as well as the qualifications that you have for the job.
Prepare, prepare, prepare for the big day!
Prepare ahead of time by researching the company in any way that you can. Search the internet, obtain a company pamphlet, and talk to people who are acquainted with the business. The more you know about the company, the better armed you will be with essential information in regards to the questions you will be asked during the interview.
Be well versed in all areas of your own life that might be broached at the interview. This means your present job, your past jobs, your education and background, what led you to want to make a career change, and the goals you hold for the future. Take some time to figure out what it is you could bring to the business because this is definitely something that the interviewer will want to know!
Bring the necessary items with you to the interview. These include anything that can help sell you to the interviewer. Make sure you come equipped with letters of reference or a list of references. If you work in an artistic field, then having a portfolio or samples of your work on hand is essential to the success of the interview.
To prevent a case of the jitters, visualize yourself being successful and extremely competent during your interview. This will help to bolster your self confidence level and make you feel like the winner you are!
Another excellent way to prepare for the interview is to do a rehearsal of the interview with a friend of yours. This should help quell a case of the nerves and prepare you in advance for what is to come.
Interview day has arrived!
When the day for the interview arrives, dress appropriately in conservative colors and be as well groomed as possible. Looking your most professional, arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early for the interview. Arriving on time is not good enough, and arriving late is an absolute taboo.  
When the interviewer comes out to meet you, look them in the eyes, smile warmly and offer your hand. Use a firm handshake, but not one that will be uncomfortable. Make sure to use the interviewer’s name when you are greeting him or her.
During the interview, try to remain as calm and self assured as possible. Answer every question you are asked in a clear and concise manner. Make sure that you are prompt in your responses to questions, as well as friendly and polite. Show proper etiquette and manners throughout the interview.  Do not act bored, let your eyes flit about the room, appear on edge and do not fidget.  Do not fuss with your hair, pick at your fingernails, chew gum, or perform any other unbecoming habit. Any of these habits is sure to guarantee that you won’t be the successful candidate for the job!
Practice makes perfect, and this adage is certainly true for job interviews. Practice your confidence, manners, and answers, and you can shine brightly in the interview for your new career.  
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